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It's a Brantley Thing - Prologue

So, I'm back, kind of. I really missed writing legacies and as much as I love Tumblr there's something so much better about a blog, so I came back to this. However, I am not promising that I keep up with it (I have a terrible track record anyways) and this is mostly for my niece who I share a love of Sims with. So... yeah, that's all I really have to say! Enjoy <3

Warning: Some cursing.

Shit! This is really not what I expected. Then again, what exactly did I expect? I really messed up this time, and I was lucky I was given even this, but still. Shit! What the hell did I get myself into? I took a couple steps forward, listening to he crunch of the desert ground below me. Nothing but rock, sand and a few bushes stood in front of me for quite a while. Beyond that was a cliff, more sand and dirt, and beyond that mountains. Oasis Springs was known for its desert landscape, and I thougt I had known what I was getting myself into, but it was completely different now that I was standing on this big ass plot of land with less than 500 bones to my name. Shit - it was all I could say, all I could think. This was definitely not where I thought I would find myself now. Yet, here I was.

My name is Eric James Brantley and there's really nothing special about me or my story to be honest. In fact, it's all kind of cliche. I was the high school jock: popular, captain of the football team, devilishly handsome - basically irresistible. I'm an only child with very supportive parents, especially my dad. He helped me train every day, reminded me to be the best I could be. My mom was pretty great too, she never complained when Dad and I spent hours outside running plays, she cooked, cleaned and ran her own business with very few complaints - she was wonder woman.

My friends were just as awesome! I was close with the guys on the team, as well as some other. I was never an ass to anyone, but I did have a bit of a player reputation. What can I say? When a pretty girl looked my way, who was I to turn her down? Anyways, things were awesome in high school, I was on top of the world! Then came college, and it started out much the same as high school. I had an athletic scholarship and played ball while I was there. I made such a reputation for myself that there was even talk of signing professionally within a couple months of being there - my dream - and when I was offered a spot on the team as soon as I graduated in my first year, I was elated. Actually, I was a fucking rockstar!

I maintained my reputation as a lady killer in my first year too, few could resist my charm and I was glad for it. That is until I met Elena. She was beautiful. Raven black hair, huge brown eyes, silky skin and a killer body (hey! I am a guy). I fell hard for her, and suddenly my pursuit of many women went to all eyes on her. I started slacking in school (which was shit cause I already sucked academically) and I even lost a little enthusiasm about ball. All I cared about was the beauty who held my heart. That is until I found out she was sleeping with half the team, and got knocked up by one of my best mates. Then, all I could think of was the betrayal.

I gave up on everything. I was 20, incredibly heartbroken and stupid. I got into way too much partying and lost all interest in everything except that. Then, one day I ran into my so-called mate after drinking way too much and he and I got into it. I kicked the shit out of him, furious at his betrayal, and landed myself in jail. Not long, since he didn't press charges (he obviously knew he was a dick), but long enough that my career was toast. So, I dropped out of college, begged my parents for help to which they replied, "you already made your bed on this one, Eric." and left me to my own devices. My best mate, Conner told me of this land his family owned in Oasis Springs, he said his family would be willing to sell it to me cheap. So, I took all my savings, packed up some things and moved. And that's where I am now.

I unpacked all my camping gear I brought from home, sent a quick text to my parents telling them I had arrived, and another to Conner thanking him again and stared out at what was now my "home". All I wanted now was to prove to everyone that I still had what it takes to make it as an athlete, but more than anything, to prove to myself that I learnt from my mistakes. I want a wife, and kids. I want a legacy of my own, a story to leave behind for generations. Something future Brantleys could look back on with a smile, not with disdain. So, I took a deep breath, took it all in and reminded myself that this was only the beginning.


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