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It's a Brantley Thing - 1.1

Loving this gameplay, so here's another update! I'm trying a bit of a different style in my writing and trying to write in the present as if Eric is telling the story as it happens - like we are in his thoughts. It's really challenging though, so let me know what you think!

As always, enjoy! <3

Warning: Some cussing.

A new day. My second day. How the hell does it feel like I've already been here a year? Sitting down on this cooler, eating cereal, I miss my mom's cooking, I even miss the dorm food. I don't think I will ever get used to this. The fucking heat is excruciating! I barely slept and now here I am, mid morning with not a thing to do. You fucked up, Eric! Now it's all on you to fix. The only saving grace in this situation is Desirae. The thought of her, looking hot as hell last night, and being so down-to-earth about it too, it's all that's getting me through right now. That and the prospect of my new job. My career.

I decided that running every morning was something I was definitely going to make a habit of. The heat is the only thing that holds me back. I hope that I get used to this shit. It's like the air steals your breath and your lungs burn when you inhale the dry dust. Not ideal for a runner. Yet, I can't complain too much, the sun is nice compared to the dark skies back in Bridgeport. And, it's home now so I will take my wins where I can find them.

During my shower, I realized that I still had a full day with no plans. Not one thing to do. I had worked out enough, my muscles were screaming to prove it, but I still had to find something to do. On my way into town yesterday, I saw a park that looked nice. I'm not usually the park type to be honest, but I figure I better see all this town has to offer and I still can't get her off my mind, so maybe I'll take her with me, on a real date this time.

Shit. She actually said yeah! Game on.

Eric: "I'm glad you came. Would have been really boring if you didn't."

Desirae: "Don't get too excited. I came because of the promise of food. Just better be worth it."

I laugh, but she shows no sign of it being a joke, she just kind of looks at me with those big eyes of hers. I actually think she might have meant that one. Ouch.

Eric: "Oh. Uh, right. I should probably get on with that then, huh?"

It was only about 10:30. She had to be joking, right? She didn't seem that callous last night. Then again, I had only just met her. Jesus, Eric, what the hell have you gotten yourself into this time?

She laughs.

Desirae: "
Lighten up, tough guy! It was only a joke!"

Thank God!

Eric: "R-right. I knew that, obviously."

Desirae: "Aw, did I hurt your feelings?"

Eric: "I don't have any feelings, actually."

Desirae: "Oh, is that so? Darkened soul, and all that crap? Too jaded to care about anything or anyone?"

Eric: "Something like that. But, if I did have feelings, or anything of the sort, it would take a pretty girl like you to hurt them, that's for sure." I smirk

She blushes and for a second all I can see is her face. Damn, she really is beautiful. She starts talking, and I honestly have no idea what she is saying but I could listen to her talk all day. She gets so animated when she talks, her entire body gets involved. Her face lights up when she's talking about something happy, and yesterday when she was angry about her ex, I swear I could see the steam coming from her ears. Now, she was red from blushing, or maybe the heat, but her eyes sparkled as she talked. Her voice was so soothing, captivating.

Desirae: "Did you hear anything I said, or were you too busy staring at my chest to hear?"

Before I knew what I was doing, I'm out of my chair and pulling her in for a hug. To my delight, she responds quite well. Having her in my arms feels pretty damn good, but the way her body is pressed against mine, makes it difficult to keep my mind out of the gutter.

Eric: "I didn't hear you, no. But in my defense, I wasn't staring at your chest, I was staring at your face, listening to your voice. There's something about you Miss Baxter that has this heartless guy with no feelings suddenly feel again. I'm glad you agreed to come, Des."

I pull away to gauge her reaction, see if my confession was too much too soon. But when I look into her eyes and see them dance in the light, I know that whatever it is I'm feeling, she's feeling too. I can't take it, I know I just met her yesterday, but God damn, this woman had me undone! I wrap my arm around the small of her back and the other grips her hair, fully expecting her to pull away, be the rational woman I already knew her to be and tell me it was too soon. But, instead, she wraps her arms around me and kisses me back, making it so much harder to rationalize anything at all.

When it was over, I just stood there for a second, and we laughed. Staring down at my feet, I can'tbelieve how quickly this girl has affected me. Yeah, I want to settle down, find a Mrs. and start a family, but I sure as hell didn't expect to be kissing anyone so damn soon. Her face is flushed, her breath is heavy and she looks everywhere but my eyes. Is she regretting this? I have to break the silence.

Eric: "So, how about that food I promised? Hamburgers okay?"

Desirae: "Y-yeah. Sounds good. I'm just going to go freshen up, I'll be right back, okay?"

I nod. Shit, I really rushed things, didn't I? She was definitely regretting this.

As I lit the barbeque I thought back about the kiss we just shared. Time flew by before then, it was all so easy, too easy with her. I got carried away, and I think I took it too far. Then again, she was as passionate as I was during the kiss. That doesn't mean she wanted it to happen this soon, idiot! Damn it, Eric! Keep your shit together!

I hear a giggle behind me.

Desirae: "Your butt looks pretty good, from this angle!"

I laugh, alright, maybe I didn't screw up too bad after all.

Eric: "Just from this angle though right? Any other angle shows all the flaws."

Time passes so quickly with her. It was natural spending time with her. The awkwardness after the kiss disappeared as fast as it happened. We eat, and then we talk, for hours. We talk about how she wants to be an astronaut. This tiny, beautiful, girly woman wants to go up in space. She read me too well already because she immediately said that most people think that it's weird for her to want that, but ever since she was a kid she dreamed of being up in the stars, and suddenly the idea of her being up there, made sense. We talk about how we both hope for the same thing: a soulmate. Someone who doesn't see as us as desposable. Before I know it, the sun has set, and she's yawning beside me. I smile, and thank her again for the date. She thanks me for the food (and the chance to look at my ass) and we part ways with a hug (I wasn't going to chance anything awkward again). Tomorrow is a big day.

The next few days fly by. My routine has definitely taken hold. Wake up, eat on my cooler, go for a run, shower, call Desirae. Then, I usually have a few hours before work where I either watch videos on my phone (my phone bill is going to be massive), read some magazines, or go walk around and explore. Things were definitely settling, even the heat didn't bother me as much as it had before.

One thing that hasn't changed though was that I'm broke. So broke. I hate that I can hardly afford to eat, let alone start building a house. So, today I decide that there has to be another way I can earn some money. I find these stones, and with a little help from a chisle and hammer I packed with me (my dad insisted and now I am glad he did), I managed to extract a few things worth selling. Nothing extravagent or worth a fortune, but every bit helps.

Work is going well too. I'm making an impression on my coach when we train, and do my duty as waterperson well. I think. The team has no respect for me, clearly, but I'm determined that I will make it one day, so for now I just have to suck it up and do the job I was given.

After work one day I got a text from Zoe. I don't really know how she got my number, but it being a small town and all, I didn't really think much about it. She invited me to a party, and even though I would be staying away from the alcohol, I didn't have many friends here other than Desirae and figured I might meet some people. Which was exactly what she suggested.

Shit. I nearly forgot how cute she is though.

Eric: "Do all girls look this good in this town?"

Zoe laughs, and her smile makes her even prettier.

Zoe: "Nice try, McFly. Let's just get you to the party before you lay it down thick, alright?"

She was definitely more talkative tonight than she had been at the gym. Then again, Desirae didn't give her much of a chance ...

The party was at the back of this huge castle in Windenburg. One of the neighbouring towns. It was crazy how just a few miles and you get to this lush green space when less than two hours ago I was in the desert. The party was fairly small, but there was a DJ, a bar and about 9 people there. I'm really not much of a dancer, but Zoe insists I try while she gets a drink. She offered me one, but I turned it down, which she seemed a little surprised about.

Zoe: "I pegged you for the party boy type."

Eric: "Well, if you'd had met me about 2 months ago, I would have been."

Zoe: "So, what changed then?"

Eric: "Well, a seductive brunette, much like you, broke my heart."

Shit. Eric, what are you doing? You're flirting with her?

She smiles mischeviously at me.

Zoe: "Well, McFly. Time to put that all behind you and let this "seductive brunette" help you unwind a bit. C'mon, one drink!"

It's always the quiet ones...

I'm surrounded by attractive women, alcohol and good music. For the first time since I got here, I felt like I was home. I can't explain it really, but maybe it was Zoe, or maybe it was the music, or the booze. Either way, the night began to blur and all I cared about was the saucy little brunette who most definitely helped me unwind.

Oh shit. Good one, Eric. Back to your old games. Now what the hell are you going to do?

Well that's it! What do you think? Is Eric back to his old ways? Was he wrong to go out with Zoe? He and Desirae aren't official after all ... Who knows? I do ;) Leave a comment! See you all in the next update! <3


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