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The Spence Legacy - Generation 3

Hey guys!! I am back with another update of the Spence Legacy! I know I kind of failed with the whole once a week thing! I am sorry, but at least I didn't make you wait too long this time, right?

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!

With the generation two sims quickly reaching the end of their time, and falling into the roles of permanent baby sitters, Savannah and Deandre definitely needed some alone time.

Naturally, they went to the festival, and immediately engaged themselves in some friendly competition. Savannah won, of course. Is anyone really surprised? Also, it seemed that all the elders in Sunset Valley had decided it was a great time to visit the festival. Apparently this was the it place for everyone 50+.

My point was only proven when Andrew showed up as well. Ugh, look how old he's getting!! I was actually surprised he was still living seeing as Savannah was right at the end of her life expectancy too. Though, I suppose they were close in age!

The three of them and another elder sim decided to participate in the pie eating contest. I was really routing for one of them to win, but of course the strange man won.

Andrew was disappointed, but Savannah and Deandre? They were much more interested in cleaning off their faces using each other's old people mouths. Yum.

All that pie eating and face cleaning led to these two ending their date in the privacy of their own room. At least they waited until they got home, right?

What was the younger couple up to, you ask? Well.. the same thing of course? What else is there to do in a legacy house? Apologies for Janessa's bare bum!

Savannah: Your incessant screams make me exhausted, child. Where do you get the energy for such sheer sounds?

Yes, Savannah couldn't help herself. She stole candy from her poor helpless granddaughter.

Well this chapter is incredibly boring so far, but here's a picture to show you that winter was on its way to Sunset Valley. As much as I hate winter IRL, it truly is gorgeous in game.

Ness... what are you playing that you look that intense?

Janessa: Mario Cart! I'm in the lead. Just threw a shell at the guy tailing me and he flew into the wall! What a fantastic game!

Well this sure looks familiar. Carter.

Oh no, whatever could be the problem?

Janessa: You know exactly what the problem is.

I don't know what you're talking about, love.

So, the ghosts were making my game lag really badly, so in an attempt to save the file, I made a family graveyard and took Carter there. I'm sad that I won't be seeing him around, but at least he will be joined by his future generations in due time.

Who knew? Baby number two! Yeah I rhymed... on purpose... deal with it.

Who could Ethan be on the phone with? Well, just about every Spence that is currently in existence! It's time for a party, Callie is going to be a toddler!

He then proceeded to have a typical Ethan breakdown and I couldn't help but appreciate the fact that this man is utterly gorgeous.

Ethan: I'm dying over here, and all you care about is that I look good doing it!

Oh, don't be dramtic.

He relaxed himself by playing in disgusting rotting leaves. At least he enjoyed it.

The usual clan showed up: Chloe, Maddox (with long hair), Serena (who is pregnant), Logan, Reed, Andew and I do believe Aurora is there too but her hair changed when she aged up.

These genes guys <3 Ugh, be still my beating heart!

Alas, it's time for the real reason the whole family came! Happy birthday, Callie!!

The red hair continues to live on! She grew up pretty tanned, but with Dad's hair and mom's eyes. In otherwords, adorable. I don't think I told you her traits before so here they are. Callie is an absent-minded genius. She loves the colour blue, stu surprise and kids music. She is a Scorpop. In other words, she's a little dopey, but she makes up for it in her book smarts.

There's no real point to this other than to show off the fact that Callie and Janessa are pretty dang cute. And so is Andrew in the back there!

Let the skilling commence!

Callie: Dats a big one!

Janessa: It's a stinky one too...

This little cutie is Reed and Serena's son. I for the life of me can't remember his name. I believe it's Corey? Anyways, he looks a lot like his daddy with his mommy's eyes!

This is Maddox and Aurora's son, which again I totally forget his name. Anyways, he's very handsome and a very good mix of his parents.

Then again, what do you expect with a dad looking like that? Even with his wrinkles this man is too good looking for words!

Aurora thinks so too... lol

Awe, our little family (minus the grandparents). Even the unborn baby is in this picture! <3

You guys did expect toddler spam, right? I miss these little ones so much in sims 4, so I definitely will be spamming the crap out of them in sims 3. I hope you don't mind! At least they're cute!

Callie: I jus nweed ta shwave it down a wittle bit.

Or, you could just put it in the right hole...

Ethan spends a lot of time with his baby girl. It's actually pretty adorable, I don't direct him to do it at all. I guess he saw Callie struggling with the blocks, so he came over to help her out.

Seriously guys, my love for this family is so strong. Just look at them!!! How could you not appreciate those faces and that hair!?

Goodnight little angel. Sleep tight <3

On a much sadder note, I got the notification that Andrew passed away. I had Savannah go and collect his remains and he was laid to rest next to Carter. R.I.P. Andrew, even as a spare, I loved you more than I probably should have!

With only one baby in the house, this was a very common occurance. Everyone fought over who's turn it was to tend to Callie. I often let the elders win, and Ness was never okay with that. Look how guilty Deandre looks! Don't worry bb, you enjoy your granddaughter all you want!

Ness did get to spend a lot of time with her daughter regardless of the constant arguments over her. She was the lucky one to teach the little one how to walk.

Baby time!!

Meet the second daughter of the generation: Aria Spence. At this point I am slightly obsessed with two shows, one of them being PLL so, she was named after one of the characters. By the looks of it, we have another red head!

This was the first time we had more than one girl in a generation. I was pretty excited to see what this little one looked like. I find it pretty cool that she's lighter than her dad even which means her grandparent and great-grandparent's genes are still playing a role in the family.

Don't worry, Callie. Even with a new baby sister, you will still be getting plenty of attention! Especially with those cute little cheeks of yours!!!

The swingset gets the most use out of all the objects in this house (besides the beds and toilets). It's actually pretty insane how much this family loves them!

Deandre: This probably isn't a good thing, is it?

No De, it's definitely not! :(

Ness and Savannah witnessed his death while Ethan was at work. Deandre was just 90 days old, but he accepted death willingly. R.I.P. Deandre Spence. You will be greatly missed.

Callie being as little as she is, was completely oblivious to the loss of her grandfather. Ethan tried to explain things to her in a way she would understand. Being only two meant that she really didn't understand any of what he was saying, but she tried to listen to her daddy.

Savannah was utterly devestated. Ness did everything she could to try and cheer her up and reminded her that he went peacefully. Unfortunately, there wasn't much anyone could say to make Savannah feel better about loosing her husband.

So, Ness took an alternate route and attempted to distract her by doing things with her. She played her guitar for her, they jumped on the trampoline, and then, of course, they ended the evening off on the swingset. It seemed to keep Savannah from being too upset anyways.

Unfortunately, it was early the next morning when Savannah's time was up as well. This time, Ethan was the first to witness her passing.

Savannah, though only 91 days old, went willingly to her husband. R.I.P. Savannah, you'll be truly missed! And with that, generation two was all passed over.

With so much loss, these two decided it was time to add to the family again. Baby number 3 was conceived.

Callie still couldn't understand the loss of both her grandparents, but she was a welcome distraction to both of her parents. Of course Janessa missed her in-laws, but she would be lying if she said she wasn't a little happy to have her girls, mostly, to herself.

What's this? Another family gathering? Yes indeed! It was snowflake day so all the remaining Spence's were invited. Both Andrew's sons came as well as all of Ethan's brothers and sisters.

I even got Callie dressed in her best while the family gathered around to open presents.

Later on, Janessa discovered she was indeed pregnant again.

And these two continued to be incredibly innapropriate at parties. At least they're cute.

Aria also grew up. She is an artistic vitruoso who loves the colour orange, cookies and rock music. She is a Scorpio like her big sister. Aria has red hair that is somewhere in between her dad's bright red and her mom's dark brown. I was getting a little sick of all these red heads and blondes, so I decided to use the consortmod to give a little bit of diversity. She, like her sister, has her mom's green eyes and a lighter skintone I assume from Savannah.

Ah, insane sims. Ethan decided to rummage through random people's trash on his way home from work one day. Never change Ethan, absolutely never.

Ethan: I'm safe, right? Nobody is looking?

Just me. You're fine.

Ethan: Good, thanks!

I did warn you about the toddler spam, didn't I?

Because there's lots of it...

With Ethan being at work, and Janessa always home, it falls on Ethan to teach both girls how to talk so he builds a relationship with them. Aria is much more stubborn than her sister, which is very much true to her name sake.

Speaking of sisters! Aria was about to become the middle child!

Another little girl was born!! Three girls guys! Her name is Elena, named after the main character in another show I am addicted to. Kudos if you know which one that is! ;)

Ethan: Holy shit! I'm the only boy in the house!

Janessa: It's been that way for a while now, Ethan.

Ethan: Yeah, but now I'm really out-numbered.

Janessa: Get used to it dear, that isn't going to change anytime soon.

Callie is pretty close to aging up at this point, so I of course had to appreciate her in all her toddler glory. She is pretty damn cute.

With Elena being a pretty needy baby, Ethan got the opportunity to teach Aria how to walk as well. I have a feeling this one is going to be a daddy's girl for sure!

Pretty sure Ness has a favorite, probably because nobody will deny that she is her child. The other two are pretty pale compared to their mother.

The next day was Callie's birthday, and Janessa was somewhat in denial. She insisted on having a few drawn out snuggles with her eldest daughter before bringing her to blow out her candles. With the chaos already in the house, we opted out of a birthday party this time around.

What a cutie! Callie rolled mooch as her third trait. Just like her grandma! I really need to fix my graphics!! Ugh.

Just showing off her adorable outwear I put a lot of effort into. SHe really is a cute little girl! And definitely a girly one!

I'm going to end this chapter here! I have enough pictures for another chapter and was going to add them in, but this is way longer than I thought! So, this is all you get for now! I hope you all enjoyed, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks for reading!

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Yaay, the Spence's!! Missed these goofy guys + gals <3

Ah, a festival for the elderly! That's quite sweet, actually.

Wow, this family really does have some nice genes.

oh no, andrew :( will miss his little face
Nooo! Deandre!! Savannah!!! whyyyy :'(

Aria looks adorable.

a house full of girls! Imagine what they'll be like when they're all teens!
Poor ethan ;)

Loved it, as usual! This family is always super cute.

Awe I am glad they are missed when I am lazy and don't get around to posting them. I actually have all the girls' personalities planned out so... I may cheat and choose their traits, they just all sort of fit. Haha

It was sweet, though kind of odd. There was almost nobody who wasn't an elder. It was during the day though, so I am going to assume SP got the young ones job and retired the elders?

The family is really quite attractive, more so than I thought they would be considering I started out only with base game and absolutely no cc!!

So much loss this chapter :( But, generation 4 will make up for it I am sure.

Aria is trouble ;) haha

I have a feeling Ethan will handle the house full of girls either really well, or absolutely terribly. I guess we will see :P

Thank you so much for reading and commenting!! Really glad you like them <3

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