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The Ravenwood Legacy - Chapter Four

Hello there, and happy holidays! I am officially on break until January 5th so I have time to do a lot of writing if I so choose. I have had these pictures for a while now and the entire plot is a big bubble in my head, so I am eager to get it all out before I lose it all. That being said, I also want to get on with the Spences because I am fairly ahead in game and well, I want to finish with them. As much as I love them, I kind of want to start a sims 4 legacy, BUT I won't do that until I finish one of these, and since the Ravenwoods just started, I am hoping to finish the Spences soon.

Anyways, enough rambling. This one is a wordy one, so get comfy. You're in for quite the chapter! As always, I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say, and I hope you enjoy.

Warning! Mature Themes Ahead.

  Ever since that day, life seemed to blur into a routine that left Kennedie speechless. Her brain became a non-stop short film about her brief life with Jake, and her pregnancy with her daughter. Memories she had surpressed since she got to Moonlight Falls flooded back continuously, and even mundane tasks like washing the dishes took gallons of energy to do. Malcolm did his best to be patient and didn't push her to talk, but he had no idea what caused her to withdraw so suddenly, and Kennedie could tell it was upsetting him on a deep level. She wanted to reach out to him, explain that it had nothing to do with him or how she felt for him, but every time she tried, she couldn't find the words to explain so she just kept quiet. How do you tell your husband, and the soon-to-be-father of your baby that you were uncontrollably, undeniably in love with a man who was ripped from your life along with your newborn daughter. You couldn't, not unless you wanted to ruin everything.

  Kennedie steadied herself against the counter as she watched the sink fill with suds and water. She knew that by keeping to herself and saying nearly nothing in the last couple months was not exactly good for their relationship, but at least for now Malcolm was worried, and still loved her. Kennedie was sure that if she told him the truth, he would hate her, and she couldn't bare to loose another person she loved because of her past.

"Do you want some help, Ken?"

Kennedie shook her head, "No." She whispered.

She heard Malcolm sigh, "I'm going to go for a walk, will you be alright?"


"Get some rest, I'll be home later."

She nodded as she imerssed the plate into the soapy water and watched as the remenants of her dinner washed away into the full sink. How had this become her life?

  Kennedie's days had become a routine she hated. She woke up in the morning, got into a hot shower and let the water run over her for what felt like hours, ate her breakfast, took her prenatal vitamins, went for a walk, sat near the window and watched the clouds, made lunch for her and Malcolm, ate, did the dishes, watched some T.V., made dinner for her and Malcolm, did the dishes, nodded goodbye to Malcolm, watched the sunset from the window, and then went to bed alone. This repeated every day with little differences since that day.

  At first, Malcolm tried everything he could to get her to tell him what was wrong. He made the meals, he cleaned, he sat by her in silence and rubbed her arm or back, he reminded her constantly that he was there, but that only made things harder for Kennedie. Eventually, those things stopped. Malcolm was still supportive, told her he loved her everyday, reminded her he was there, asked if she needed anything, but she could tell he was loosing his patience and she didn't blame him. It was in the last week or so that Malcolm started leaving every day after dinner saying he was going for a walk. He never returned before 2:00 am and she knew he wasn't just going for a walk. Every morning when Kennedie woke up, she found him passed out  on the couch and reaked of booze. She would take off his shoes and pants, grab the comforter and put it on top of him and a glass of water on the table for when he woke up, then she would continue with her own routine. These were small gesutures, but it was all she could do to let him know she still cared. Tonight, as she climbed into bed alone, she knew her marriage was already falling apart and there was little she could do. She fell asleep to the sound of her own sobs and didn't stir until morning.


  Malcolm struggled every day with what was going on with his wife. He couldn't understand, and every time he tried it seemed like she would just retreat further and futher into this darkness that came out of nowhere. He spoke to their gynocologist and she just said that some women struggle with depression during and even after the pregnancy and to try and stay positive. Malcolm wanted to believe that that was what this was, but the longer it went on, the less he understood. He was never a patient guy, even as a kid he had a short fuse, and when something was upsetting him, he lashed out. Kennedie was the love of his life, and the last thing he wanted to do was lash out on her, but the patience he seemed to have for her was wearing thin and the only thing that helped was getting out of the house, going to the bar and drinking until he blacked out. Every day he woke up on that couch was a miracle, for he had no memory of how he got home or what happened the night before. The first time this happened, he was shocked to find that Kennedie had gone out of her way to make sure he was as comfortable as he could be on the tiny couch, he had mistaken it as a sign she was ready to talk and pushed her all day only to find that she stayed stubbornly silent. This only led him to go out and drink again, and again, until he knew his marriage wasn't his only problem.

  He would go all day without hearing her talk, but a day has never passed that he didn't hear her cry. He didn't understand how things went from so good to so bad in a matter of minutes, and now he felt stuck. As he ate the lunch Kennedie made them, he took in the silence. Today was one of the days Kennedie had to go for an appointment to check on the baby. Malcolm stopped offering to go with her a while ago and instead enjoyed the time he had to himself in the house. He knew that something had to change or get worse, he just prayed that they would change for the better.

  Despite everything that was going on, Malcolm was excited to be a dad. Looking back, he had never thought he would be the type to be married and expecting his first child, but in those few minutes when Kennedie told him she was prengnat, he was happier than he'd ever been. In the hours that followed, things went from being the best day of his life, to the worst. He had replayed that day in his head so many times it felt like he was reliving it every day. The way she went from being his wife, a woman who he loved so much and who loved him, to a complete stranger who locked herself away both physically and mentally. The only thing that kept him going every day was knowing that his son or daughter would need him, and it was because of that truth, that little life that was yet to be seen, that he spent the hours Kennedie was away reading every pregnancy book he could get his hands on. He may have failed Kennedie as a husband somehow, but he was not going to fail as a father. As he repeated that same promise he made himself every day, Malcolm suddenly realized that in order to succeed as a father, the very first thing he had to do was fix his marriage, and he knew where to start. For the last few months, whenever he got the chance he had been working on a surprise for Kennedie, and today was the day he finally got to show her.


  As soon as Kennedie had stepped through the door, Malcolm approached her. He had a huge grin on his face, and Kennedie couldn't help but smile briefly at him. He explained that he had been working on something for her, and that he needed her to follow him. Kennedie was going to protest, exhausted from her appointment, but something about the look on his face made it impossible for her to refuse. She nodded and whispered, "Okay". Malcolm was estatic, he took her hand and asked her to close her eyes, again Kennedie was reluctant, but she deicded to humor him this time. He led her further into the house, and she did her best not to peek. Then, when he asked her to open her eyes she found herself in the spare room, but it wasn't a spare room anymore, it was a nursery. Kennedie had been avoiding the room, afraid of th emptiness and even more afraid of filling it. She was terrified of having this baby, and therefore didn't want to do anything to the room, but when she saw it, she felt her body go weak and tears fill her eyes.

"I did my best to keep it neutral, do you like it?"

  Kennedie stood silentely and looked all around the room, truthfully she loved it but she also hated it. She hated that he was so good to her when she had been so awful to him these last few months. Again, she couldn't speak so she just nodded. He squeezed her hand and kissed the top of her head.

"I'll leave you alone for a while. I love you Kennedie."

  With that, she walked further into the room, looked around and then slid to the ground. She cried for a long time as she struggled to take it all in. She wanted so badly to thank Malcolm, to tell him she loved him and the room, but instead she just felt worse. How was she ever going to fix things?


  After that day, things changed a bit. Malcolm was still leaving every night, but instead of sleeping on the couch, he slept in their bed again. She knew he was trying again, trying to fix things not only for her but for their baby. He started cooking for her again, and doing the dishes for her before she could get up to do them, and she wanted so badly to fix things, but every time she tried, she found herself back on the floor of the nursery, crying.

  One morning, Kennedie was feeling particularly awful. Every once and a while, she still got terrible waves of morning sickness, and this morning was one of those days. It was only about 4:00 am when she fled the bedroom and locked herself in the bathroom. Her whole body shook as everything she ate the day before was rejected from her body. When she finally felt like it was over, she sobbed. Nothing about this pregnancy was easy and she was beginning to feel as though her entire life was hopeless. That's when she heard a soft knock on the door.

"Kennedie, are you alright?" She wiped the tears from her face and forced herself to stop crying.

"Ken, come on. Please answer me."


"This has to stop, Kennedie. Enough is enough. I can't do this anymore. I know you're hurting, I don't know why, but I know that you are. I know that this hasn't been the easiest couple months on you, but do you have any idea how hard they have been for me? I'm trying to be patient, I'm trying to understand, but I'm about to break too, Ken. I need you Kennedie, I need my wife. Please, baby, let me in."

Kennedie stood quietly and listened, her heart going out to the father of her unborn baby.

"Whatever this is Ken, what ever happened to change the way things were, I am so sorry. Do you hear me? If it was something I did, God, just forgive me. I love you Kennedie, and I need you to forgive me. Not just for me, but for our baby. Our baby needs his parents, both of them. They deserve a happy home, not whatever this is, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that they get that, do you understand? Whatever it takes to fix this, I'll do it. Just let me in the damn door so I can take care of you, please!"

She couldn't believe it, he blamed himself? He thought he was the reason she withdrew from him? I mean, how couldn't he? This had gone on for too long, she couldn't let him continue to believe that this was his fault, and more importantly, he was right.

Kennedie looked down at her growing belly, and hugged it tight. She was about 6 months along now, which meant she spent half the first year of their marriage crying and shutting him out. She couldn't believe so much time had passed and that she had let things get this out of hand, he was right, enough was enough.

"It's a boy. We're having a boy."

"I- what? A boy? Really?"

  Before he could say anything else, the door flew open and she was kissing him. Kennedie could feel his surprise when his whole body stiffened. She had missed him more than she had known, and the feeling of his body against her, whether he expected it or not, reminded her of every reason she fell for him in the first place.

  Malcolm didn't kiss her back at first, he was still processing the fact that he was having a son when she started kissing him. He wasn't sure what to do, afraid that if he kissed her back, or put his arms around her, she would flee back out of his life so he just stood there.

Kennedie could feel her heart starting to race. He was still stiff and clearly shocked, but she didn't care, she loved him and she had been fighting that for too long now. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him harder, hoping that he would retaliate. As she parted his lips with her own she whispered, "I'm sorry" before continuing to kiss him.

  Before either of them knew what was happening, they were on the floor with Kennedie ontop of him and covering his face and neck in kisses. Malcolm was still in shock, and scared that if he said or touched her at all this dream would be shattered, so he stayed still and simply kissed her back whenever she returned to his lips. This went on for a while before Kennedie sat up and looked down at him.

"Do you not want me anymore?"

"What? N-no! That's not it at all, I'm just worried about you."

"I know, but you don't have to be anymore."

"Ken, you've hardly spoken to me in months, let alone touched me. I just don't want to do anything wrong."

"You never did anything wrong, Malcolm. It was never about you. I'm sorry you thought that. I'm sorry I let all this get in the way."

"Well, what happened then?"

"I- I don't know if I can tell you yet. Just know that things will be better now, I promise."

Malcolm nodded and this time, he kissed her.


  Kennedie did keep her promise, and things did get better. However, that's not to say that they were perfect. Kennedie still had days where all she could do was cry, but instead of shutting him out, she turned to him for comfort, and Malcolm was more than willing to be there for her whenver she needed. He stopped expecting her to explain, and instead just sat with her while she cried and did everything he could to calm her down. Thankfully, those days became less and less frequent as time went on. On one of those days. Kennedie finally decided to tell Malcolm part of the reason she felt the way she did. They were sitting on the couch watching T.V. when she leaned into him. Instinctively, he raised his hand to pull her in closer and she whispered, "I lost my baby."


"Not this one. I had a daughter, but - " Kennedie choked back tears, "she's gone now."

Malcolm knew not to ask for more details, he just stroked her hair as she cried and repeated that he was sorry. When she calmed down, she spoke again.

"I love you Malcolm, you've been so good to me, and I have been so awful to you. I'm so sorry."

"Don't say that, Ken. It isn't your fault."

"I don't want to loose you too."

With those words, Malcom shifted and looked her in the eyes, "Never."

  As soon as the word left his mouth, he stood and pulled her into his arms. Even though things had been getting better, and she wasn't shutting him out, things never felt as though they were a couple, until now. She had opened up to him, and she had said what he needed to hear. She still needed him, and he was going to make sure that she knew he needed her just as much. He kissed her and refused to let her go. She returned eagerly, it had been a long time since she felt her body flare up the way it was.

  It wasn't long before they found themselves in the bedroom. As things were getting heated up, Kennedie suddenly felt very self concious. They hadn't been intimate since before she was pregnant, which meant she was a lot thinner and sexier than she was now. She suddenly pulled away and shifted awkwardly ontop of him. As she did Malcom let out a low groan and threw his head back.

"You have to quit moving like that if you want me to last." He muttered.

"Sorry. I just, welll ... I'm kind of fat. Are you sure you still want me?" She asked as she shifted again.

Malcolm moaned again and grapped onto her shirt as he did, "Like you wouldn't believe."

Kennedie smiled and lifted her arms slightly above her head, "well alright then. Take me."

He didn't need anymore prompting than that, he pulled her shirt off in one swift motion and pulled her in for another kiss.


  Ever since that night, Kennedie and Malcolm were back to the way they were before all of this happened. She could hardly do anything without him coming up behind her and hugging her evergrowing belly, or kissing her. He reminded her every chance he got that he loved her and the baby and Kennedie loved every minute of it. Things were good, and even though she still struggled at times, it was much easier for her to push through it and remind herself that regardless of what happened in the past, this was not only her present but her future.

  As good as things were, Kennedie was facing a new worry. Even though things were better between her and Malcolm, his drinking continued. Every day after dinner, Malcolm left her alone to go to the bar, leaving her to clean up and  go to bed alone. Though he was coming home earlier than he had been, Kennedie was always waking up to the smell of booze and she was beginning to worry that Malcolm had developped a drinking problem beyond just a means to escape. Though it worried her, she kept it to herself. Things were just getting better, now was not the time to rock the boat again.

  Time continued to pass, and Kennedie was just weeks from her due date. She was trying to sneak out of the room when Malcolm suddenly jumped out of bed, as happy as ever, and kissed her belly.

"Good morning my family!"

Kennedie laughed, "Good morning to you too.  Had a good night last night?"

"It was alright, glad to be here with you."

"Glad you're here too. Want some breakfast?"

Malcolm suddenly pulled her into his arms and leaned in, "how about we start with desert?"

Kennedie flinched, the smell of alcohol overwhelmed her as she tried not to offend him by turning her head away.

"You're joking right? I'm like a beached whale. The baby's dropped and I can hardly walk, let alone have sex with you."

She tried to walk away, but as she turned around, he pulled her back in. Her hand instinctively went to his head as he leaned into her again.

"You're the most beautiful pregnant lady, ever!" He slurred.

Kennedie laughed a little, "and you, my dear, are still drunk! Go lay down, I'll bring you breakfast."

Malcolm greedily turned her around and pulled her tight against him, almost hurting her.

"You don't get to tell me what to do, little lady. Come on, baby, it's been too long. You won't have to do much."

"Gee, what a turn on. Seriously, Malcolm, I'm not in the mood now."

Kennedie tried to pull away, but Malcolm pulled tighter and tried to kiss her, Kennedie pulled back a little again, "Malcolm, stop. I don't feel like it, alright?"

Malcolm growled a little as he ran his hamd through her hair, "Fine."

As he let go, and Kennedie tried to walk away again, he grabbed her hand and started talking to her belly. "Alright little guy, it's time to come out so we can meet you, and so daddy can get laid!"

"Malcolm! Seriously?"

He laughed and kissed her belly, "Relax Ken, it's not like he understands a thing I'm saying anyways."

"That's not the - " Just as she was about to give him a lecture about what he can and can't say to their unborn son, Kennedie felt a warm fluid running down her leg.

"Shit! Malcolm, I think he understood you."

"What do you mean?"

"I think my water just broke."

"W-what?" Malcolm looked down at the wet spot on the carpet, "Are you serious?"

Kennedie clutched her stomac as she felt the first contraction, "I'm fucking serious!"

"Oh, fuck! What do I do?!"

"Call a taxi you moron! We need to get to the hospital! NOW!"

  After a relatively short labor, Kennedie and Malcolm welcomed their son into the world. He was healthy and weighed in at 7 pounds, 4 ounces. A few days later, they were able to take him home. Kennedie brought him inside while Malcolm brought the rest of their things in the house.

"Welcome home Elliot." The baby cooed in her arms, he was named for his late sister, Ella.

Malcolm came up behind her and kissed the back of her head, "Now our story as a family really begins. Welcome home."

So, what do you guys think? The legacy part of the story has officially begun, and Kennedie's struggles have only begun as well. *wink, wink*
I'm curious of what you guys think about Malcolm so far? What do you think is in store for this little family? Any guesses?

I know there wasn't actually a whole lot that happened this chapter, but this is pretty much the set up for the rest of the plot to unfold, so it was basically just a filler. Regardless, I really hope you guys enjoyed it! I can't wait to hear what you think! As always, thank you for reading!

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That was such a good, if feel-tearing chapter. You really felt how difficult it had been for both of them, and it was heart wrenching. I'm really worried about the drinking problem and Malcolm's insistence to sleep with her. That started sounding alarm bells in my head. I really hope he gets his act together, but considering this is a legacy, he probably won't.
I like the name Elliot though. I hope his life is not going to be /too/ dramatic :P

Awe I am glad you enjoyed it. It was a tough one to write, and all I can say is it gets worse before it gets better...
If you remember, Pip did warn her to stay away, so maybe his true colors are starting to show? We will see!! ;)
Elliot suits him as he grows so I am glad that I chose it.
Haha it is called a dramatic legacy... probably will be filled with it, especially if he wins heir! ha

Thank you so much for reading and commenting!! <3 I'm worried. Especially by that last part. Although I'm so glad that they are still together, I can see why Ken took everything the way she did...but to drown her husband out like that...I was worried :( But now Elliot is here :) And I hope it will only bring them closer..


Great chapter, sorry it took me so long to comment

I'm sorry to worry you, but you have reason to be. Unfortunately we all knew that Ken's life was going to be far from ideal. It's just the cards she was dealt. Elliot really is a gift, and he will be loved and cherished, that I can promise.

Haha, I'm sorry you have that feeling!

Thank you, and no worried! Totally understand. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

I just realized I never read the chapter before this one, so I went back and read that and then this one! What a rollercoaster haha. I loved these two together and they seemed to fit so well with their ability to kind of not talk about the past. But that definitely came back to bite Kennedie this chapter, and it was so hard to read that part :( I really felt bad for both of them, you could see they were both struggling so much!

I've got a bad feeling about this whole drinking problem thing, and the way he was acting right before the baby was born... just baaaad vibes. :/ I hope Ken and little Elliot will be ok! (Great name btw, and he is going to be adorable I'm sure!)

I hope things work out for this little family! Although at this point I'm not completely optimistic.... haha. Legacies, man! They are usually full of terrible things for the characters :P Great chapter(s)~! :)

Haha it definitely been quite the turmoil of emotions. Writing these things is so not easy, especially because I love Kennedie so much. They will get better for her, but not right away, and can't promise that things will be perfect for the future generations either. Legacies are great things, aren't they?

Kennedie and Malcolm were good for each other, but that may not be true anymore ...

Elliot is going to be quite the handsome man, I am excited to show you all!

Be optimistic! :P Kennedie definitely needs it ;)

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Oh wow, that was a rough chapter for Kennedie and Malcolm, I'm glad they're doing a bit better at least, though Malcolm needs to get his act together a little bit. I always get s frustrated with characters when stuff like this happens, frm the outside looking in I always think 'if you would just do this...' it would all be okay. In reality though its often easier said then done. You're doing a great job of writing this story, it has me really interested in seeing how Kennedie's life turns out, and hopefully little Elliot doesn't have it too rough.

On a bit of a lighter note, Elliot's little outfit is adorable xD

Awe thanks! I am really flattered that I'm writing it well enough that you're getting invested!! :)
It is tough for both of them, and they are doing the best they can right now, I feel bad writing them in these situations but, it does get better... eventually.

Haha thank you! :) Elliot is a cutie (I may have looked ahead...)

Thank you for reading and commenting!

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