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The Spence Legacy - Generation 3

Hey guys!! Yes, I am back and with a Spence Legacy chapter!!

Before I start, I just wanted to thank you all for your wonderful comments on my update, and for your support! I am doing much better, but still in the recovery process. That being said, I wanted to get you guys at least one update while I was feeling alright. So, here it is!

I also promise to catch up on your legacies!!! It may take me a little while because it is difficult for me to concentrate on anything for long periods of time (meds), but I will get there. Please be patient, but I promise it will happen!

Finally, I did not edit my pictures this time. Because, well, that would take much too long. However, I think my screenshots are pretty darn good, so hopefully they aren't terrible.

Anyways, let's get on with it!

Archive | Previous Chapter

It has been a long time since I last updated, as you all know. But, we ended off the last chapter with Callie aging up into an adorable little girl. Much like everyone else in her family, she immediately set her sights on the swing set in the backyard. Never in my entire time playing this game has any family been so obssessed with the swing set like this one!

With Callie now too big to fit in her crib (too bad), I had to redecorate her room. I LOVE how it turned out, and apparently so did the whole clan. There are a lot of screenshots taken in this brightly coloured room, just a heads up!

What's this? More woohoo? Of course! These two can't help but love on each other. As if three girls isn't enough. I blame Ethan, he wants a boy.

So this chapter is really choppy because the pictures were taken so long ago and I may still be loopy on these meds... oh well.

Callie here is off to her first day of school, and she's looking all artsy with the shadow of the tree on her.

Callie: Can I get on with this now, please?

Yes, sure. Go ahead. Good luck!

I did tell you that Ethan wanted a son, right? Well, Janessa isn't feeling so hot this morning. I wonder why ...

Aria: Please don't hurl on my food. This crap is bad enough without your added flavours.

That sounds... wonderful.

I have all the personalities of the girls planned out already, and I can't wait for them to all grow into teens. You guys are going to have a tough choice this generation! I am so in love with them all!

I really had no idea what to say on this picture, can you tell?

Aw, mother-daughter bonding <3

Three daughters and a husband to take care of (the latter probably needing the most care), and Ness still finds time to enjoy playing with her children's toys.

Janessa: Hey, it's a lockNESS monster toy, it's practically named after me.

Great excuse. Carry on, then.

In all honesty though, Janessa is a great mother to all the girls. Elena spends a fair bit of time in the swing so she actually appears to have more use than babies do in this game. At least I can pretend that she is loved and taken care of, and an actual part of the family, right?

Callie is a great little girl. Being a genius means that she actually likes doing her school work. She did this all on her own. She even used the desk I got her! Proud simmer!!

Good, God! Aria, you have absolutely nothing to cry about! What exactly is your problem??

Aria: It's my life mission to make things hard for my parents!!

You're not even evil! Possible foreshadowing into her personality?

What are said parents doing while their toddler wails on the floor? Why, they are getting their mack on in the bathroom! What else could they be doing at a time like this?

Ethan: You make the ear fairies quiet.

Janessa: I'll take that as a compliment.

Ethan: It is! Nothing else makes them stop nattering in my ears!

Janessa: Well, now it's your turn to be quiet.

Ethan: Understood.

Shameless toddler spam!! <3 At least she is quiet.

Though Ethan is very busy with his job, ear fairies, hobgobbers and Gnobbstompers, he does try and find time for his girls. Aria and he are particularly close.

I did warn you that a lot of screenshots happen in Callie's bedroom! At least you get to see the effort I put into it...

Since Aria is a very needy little toddler, I decided to make sure she was occupied and had Callie and her bond over a good old game of peek-a-boo. Aria was dumbfounded as toddlers are when hands cover someone's face.

Callie: Where did I go, Aria?

Aria: Holy crap! What the!?

Don't have any clue why this picture was important to share, but yeah, Ethan works out!

This is exactly how I imagine him ...


Work it out ;)

Moving on ...

Last baby guys!! Thank Jebus!

Janessa: You better be a boy little one.

Ethan: Hunnie, did you know that bandaids are actually poisonous?

Callie: Daddy, they are not!

Ethan: No really! They are a conspiracy! The Clurichauns poison them and advertise them as healing. They want you to use them so that the poison goes right into your bloodstream. It's actually quite crafty.

Callie: Whatever you say, Daddy.

Ethan: Just promise me you won't ever use them. The Clurichauns are tricky little bastards. They even mess with the wine.

Callie: Fine. I won't use bandaids. Is it that specific brand, or are they all bad?

Ethan: I'm glad you asked. They actually ...

Callie: Forget it. No bandages will be used. Promise.

Ethan: But... the story...

Callie: *forces cake into her mouth faster* Bye Daddy.

Hey look! Elena aged up! She looks a LOT like Ness. Pretty darn cute though. Yay for variety!

Speaking of Ness, she jumped right on the potty training. Nearly finished too.

Janessa: So sick of diapers, and I still have another one to go after this. The sooner all my kids can crap on their own, the better.

Fair enough.

*** Few days after the Clurichaun discussion ***

Ethan: Hey look, a leprechaun! Did you know that that's the clurichaun's cousin?

Callie: Not again...

Ethan: I found a story all about clurichauns! Want a bed time story?

Callie: Sure, but I get to sleep in the big bed tonight!

Ethan: Deal!

Ethan is still a hunk, in case you were doubting it. Seriously, this family's genes are just so close to perfection <3

Ethan: She fell asleep during my story! How could she!?

That's generally what bedtime stories do for children...

Ethan: Hmph!

Somebody has Daddy's scowl!

Aria: Stupid thing won't fit!

Try the middle one.

Aria: Ha! Like it would be so simple!

Both toddlers potty trained!! <3 Can definitely see the similarities in their faces.

Ness is still working on her guitar skills. She is getting really good at this point, as she should be. Baby is also growing pretty big!

Callie loves being outside. She plays out there as often as she can. It surprises me because she is quite the girly girl. But, I suppose playing outside doesn't mean she has to get dirty!

Callie: I can see my school from here!

These two!! <3

So in love. Perhaps more so than any other couple. Savannah and Deandre were pretty lovey, but I don't remember them being quite as in love as these two.

Ethan: Hey babe, I'm starving, want anything to eat?

Janessa: Sure. I just... Uh oh.

Ethan: Uh oh?

Janessa: I think the baby is coming.

Ethan: Ness what the hell!? You tell me the baby is coming and then just make the bed!?

Janessa: I can't leave the house a mess! Relax, this is my fourth kid. They pretty much slide out now.

Ethan: What the hell Janessa!? That's disgusting!

For some reason, they took separate cars to the hospital...

A couple hours later, and we have another, yes another, baby girl! We named her Danielle. Unlike the other girls, I just liked the name and so, yeah, Danielle it is.

Looks like another red head? Pretty darn cute, and an all around happy baby!

Callie is pretty oblivious to the fact that she now has a third sister. Kids will be kids.

She's pretty cute though.

Callie: I totally forgot what I was doing. Haha. Isn't that funny?


Ethan: Another girl. Four girls. Four. How did this happen?

Well, you and Ness got all hot and heavy and...

Ethan: Not what I meant.

I know.

Our little genius is quite the busy kid. She's always up to something! I don't even tell her to do these things. It's pretty great.

With the new baby born, it was definitely time to get Elena working on all her skills. Learning to walk? Check.

Half of this chapter is of these two making out! Dear Lord! They do do it a lot though. Thankfully, Danielle is fast asleep and oblivious to her parents' public display of affection.

I don't like that look ... That look is very sinister... what are you up to little lady?

Callie: Me? Oh nothing. I actually don't remember what I was doing here.

Of course you don't ...

Hey look! It's time for Aria to age up! Ethan is definitely happy to have one less kid in diapers! I'm pretty sure Aria is his favourite, so he could be happy about that too.

And there she is! Aria got the rebellious trait. As I mentioned before, I kind of have all the girls' personalities planned out. So I am cheating a bit this generation and choosing their traits. I'm sure you don't mind, right? Anyways, Aria is now rebellious, virtuoso and artistic, making her our resident artist.

Being diaper free also means she gets a room upgrade. I had a lot of fun with it. I have gotten SO much better at decorating lately.

The first thing she does with her new freedom is, of course, paint. Moody artist? Check.

Two more birthday cakes? Yes, the next day was Janessa and Ethan's birthdays!

Ness looks exactly the same, though a little more worn down.

Ethan on the other hand...

I may have kept it like that...

Unlike her sister, Aria is definitely not afraid to get dirty. Although, when it got into her eyes, she was a little less than polite.

Aria: FUCK!



She somehow managed to convince her sister to join her, eventually.

Callie: Why do you like this so much?

Aria: Lighten up, Cal! It's fun!

Callie: Ugh.

I was just kidding about the hair, btw. I was tempted to though.

Elena still exists by the way. Both her and Danielle are such good girls. I forget they are around sometimes. Sorry darling.

Ethan doesn't forget though <3

Birthday time for Danielle! The whole family was there, and I have pictures, but I was too lazy to upload them. So, meh.

She's a definite cutie! Where she got the eye color from is beyond me, though.

It was also this little girls birthday! She definitely has the evil glare down pact. Inherited from her grandma I am sure.

She turned out absolutely stunning! I can't even... just. Wow. Callie got the flirty trait. Making her flirty, mooch, genius and absent-minded. A definite girly-girl. Probably even a gold digger. :P

And I leave you guys with an updated version of her room. She is definitely girly, and it shows in every way possible.

So, what did you guys think!? Any favorites yet? I know its early, but trust me, its just going to get harder!

I am off to bed now! Bye guys!

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My favourite is still Callie for the name, (and I like her face), but I could be swayed! I think picking out personalities can be pretty fun, so I'm excited to see what the two youngest will grow up like too :D
"The sooner all my kids can crap on their own, the better." I love Ness, okay, hahaha. She's a babe. And her and Ethan are pretty cute even if they do kiss in front of all their kids and such. Poor kids.
I'm glad you felt up to posting a chapter :D xx

Callie is pretty darn gorgeous, so I don't blame you! I hope the other girls surprise you as much as they surprised me!
Lol Ness is the only stable parent, so as great as Ethan is, she kind of gets frustrated with everything she has to put up with.
Thank you for reading the chapter!! :)

I'm glad you're doing better! Hope you continue to do so :)

eheheheh 'gnobstompers'

I like that you have the kids' traits/stories all planned out! I'm excited to see them as teens.

Oh god, Callie is entirely beautiful. ahhhh her ears!
In fact, all of them are going to beautiful, I bet

This family is too adorable.

Thank you :D

lol I enjoy making names up... glad you enjoyed them!

I don't really have stories planned out so much as their personalities!! I may be doing more of the explaining that showcasing because of the whole commentary thing. But I am trying to get them to act the way I picture them too.

Callie is an amazing mix of her parents. She got her ears from her Momma <3 I don't know if I ever showed you guys that.
I hope they don't disappoint you!

Thanks so much!!! And thank you for taking the time to read :)

It's cute to see how in love Ness and Ethan are, and their girls are all adorable.
I'm not really sure who I like best of them, I usually don't really know until they're teens and their appearance and personality starts to develop fully. Right now they're all pretty cute. Callie is gorgeous though, but like I said, I'm suspending judgement until they have all grown up a bit more xD

They are very much in love. They are still very infatuated with them.
I am the same way as you, so I don't blame you! I hope the other girls surprise you! Callie is a heart throb, but her sisters have the same potential as she does! :)

Thank you so much for reading!!

Oh wow Callie grew up gorgeous!!!
And the rest of the girls too, they are all so pretty!
I actually love planning out personalities sometimes - I'm excited to see what you have in store :D I love where Aria is headed I think, but I'll have to see all of them before I pick a favorite!
I hope you are feeling better!! It was great to see a chapter from you :)

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