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It's a Brantley Thing - 1.0

Welcome to the official beginning of It's a Brantley Thing! This is a legacy challenge, and the rules will be followed as closely as I can, however, there may be some tweaking here and there, and as the story goes on I may or may not change a few things. As it stands its a Patriarch Legacy, because that's just how Eric's ego is (boys rule, girls drool), it is strict traditional and follows the first born rule. So the first born son born naturally into the family will carry on the legacy. Now, let's get on with it!

Warning: Some cussing.

With absolutely nothing else to do, and feeling all out of sorts, I put the punching bag to good use for a while - taking out my anger against Elena, and losing my career, just everything. I was never very good at boxing to be honest, and it wasn't long before I really grew tired of hitting an inanimate object, but I couldn't deny that it did help with any agression I had been feeling since I thought back at what brought me here. Then, giving up on that, I went for a quick jog. I figured that the best way to gather my surroundings, and burn off some more steam was to do the one thing in the world that always calmed me. Though, coming from Bridgeport where it was often cloudy and rainy, the heat got to me pretty damn quick, and after just a mere half hour of running, I was back "home".

Standing in front of my little camping space, it hit me pretty quick that I needed a job. Thankfully, Conner also mentioned that the local ball team here was always looking for athletes, and so I googled the name of the team, checked the roster and saw that there was indeed openings. Before coming, I had called and asked if they were still looking and the coach had said they were. However, they didn't just let anyone on the team, and honestly, who would? So he agreed to take me on as a Waterperson while this season ended. I could train with the team, but I had no chance of being on the team officially until I had proven myself. It wasn't what I had been expecting when I went to college on a scholarship, and it certainly wasn't glamorous but it was a start. I quickly called up the coach and asked if the position was still open and that I had arrived in Oasis Springs. He confirmed and said that he would see me on Tuesday. Today was Sunday, that meant I had some time to kill.

So, after a quick, awkward, freezing shower, I set out on the town to get to know the area. I had never been to Oasis Springs prior to this so I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasently surprised to see that they had a Starbucks in the town centre. I immediately made my way in knowing that if this one was anything like the ones back home they would be packed with people to meet. Plus, after a plane ride, a disgustingly hot workout, and a terrible shower, a coffee to perk me up sounded perfect.

I ordered the barista's recommendation as I was never particularly picky when it came to coffee. I was surprised to see that the place was completely empty besides myself and the barista. I had to admit that I was pretty discouraged and even asked the barista if the area was normally this quiet. She explained to me that the place had just opened (surprisingly) and that if I gave it a little while it would be busier than she or I could handle. I chuckled a little bit and waited for her to make the coffee - I had to admit, I had my doubts. So far it seemed fairly quiet in Oasis Springs. Nothing like Bridgeport.

However, in the (VERY) long time it took the barista to make my coffee, a gigantic crowd of people came in eager to order their own. Which only prolonged my order. I cursed under my breath that I had wished for a crowd as I paced and waited for my coffee to be made. I had to admit though, some of the people that showed up entertained me briefly. Things were so different here than back home, especially the fashion sense. Coming from a very high profile city to a desert, I don't think I should have expected anything different. Yet, the sight of some these outfits had me nearly bursting with laughter. One guy was completely decked out in red which wasn't even the worst part - the fact that he was wearing a striped shirt, zipper jeans and fedora made him look like a washed out rocker. That did remind me of home a little bit.

I did eventually get my coffee, and I would like to say that it was worth the 15 bucks and the wait, but it was nothing more than black coffee and a little shot of vanilla. So disgusting. But, I did meet a really interesting dude. He was older than I was, only slightly younger than my own parents, but we chatted for a bit about the area, and as I finished my coffee, he told me where to find my next stop.

Which was, of course, the gym. It was huge and stocked with the best equipment. It even had a little kitchen and dinning area upstairs, along with some tablets and internet access. I made a mental note that this could very well be my haunt while I still lived like a glorified hobo. What I really wanted to do was workout. After months of neglecting it and digesting way too much alcohol and bar food, I definitely needed to get back into a routine. So, I plopped myself on the nearest available machine, and got to it. It was a lot harder than I remembered it to be...

I was a little taken by surprise when a very buff dude came over and started shouting at me to work harder. I had no clue what I had done to piss him off, but he scared the hell out of me so I worked harder. It wasn't until my muscles were screaming in agony that I realized he was a trainer there and he was making rounds encouraging everyone to "push it" and "feel the burn". I was definitely feeling the burn in every inch of my body. I definitely need to get my shit together!

Just as I was getting into the swings of things, this amazingly hot brunette caught my eye and she was headed directly to me. I froze and just sort of smirked (smooth Eric, real smooth). She smiled back though, and sweetly introduced herself as Zoe Patel.

Zoe: "You're new here, huh?"

Eric: "It's that easy to tell?"

Zoe: "Well, yeah. But, only because everyone kind of knows everyone around here. Not a very big town, and all."

Her southern drawl was sexy as hell! Or, was it the fact that her middrift was showing and she had an incredible body? I caught myself eyeing her up, and she must have too cause she looked a little annoyed the next time I looked her in the eye.

Eric: "Er, yeah. I got that impression so far."

I managed to take her attention away from the fact that I blantanly checked her out, and we started chatting about where I came from, when in the corner of my eye I was floored when I saw yet another gorgeous brunette curiously looking over at Zoe and I. She smiled, and being the smooth idiot I am, I waved at her.

?:"So, who's the new meat, Zoe?"

I smirked at her blantant avoidance of talking to me, and before Zoe could answer I introduced myself.

?: "Hmm. Well, nice to meet you, Eric. I'm Desirae."

The three of us chatted for a while, and I couldn't help but feel like I was back in high school. Chatting and flirting with two beautiful girls on my first day back. I quickly learned that Zoe and Desirae were not exactly friends, but as Zoe had stated earlier: everyone knew everyone. While Zoe was much quieter and listened more than she spoke, Desirae monopolised the conversation. She definitely had no fear dropping not-so-subtle hints that she was attracted to me, whereas if Zoe thought so at all, she never mentioned it.

Eventually, Zoe said good night and left. Desirae and I continued to chat for a little while before my stomach started grumbling and I realized that I hadn't had anything to eat since before I arrived.

Desirae: "Hungry, are we?" she purred

Eric: "Um, yeah. Sorry. I haven't eaten anything all day. You wouldn't happen to know a good place to get some grub, would you?"

Desirae: "Well, I can tell you, but I could also show you."

I had to admit, this girl had more game than even I did at this point.

She mentioned that there were a couple bars nearby that had great food. I was a little hesitant at first being that I was sort of trying to stay away from alcohol at this point, but at the same time, who was I to turn down a beautiful girl? Especially when I knew noone and was basically starving. So we agreed to meet back at the Solar Flare. It was a classy little lounge right next to the gym. How I managed to miss that, beats me! And when I saw her standing in front of the bar, waiting for me, any reservations I had had completely disappeared. This girl knew how to play the game, that was for damn sure!

Once in the lounge, I ordered myself some fish and chips. I, of course, asked if she wanted any was well but she insisted she had already eaten and was just glad to keep me company. I have to admit, this girl had me caught already. It wasn't love at first sight, God no, but I was completely intrigued. She had this raspy, sultry voice and a way with her words that somehow made my head spin. Yet, there was still a part of me that was concerned she was another Elena, so I reminded myself to try and play it cool.

Eric: "So, have you always lived in Oasis Springs?"

Desirae: "Born and raised! Have to say, I'm a little surprised you moved here. Most people who live here had no other choice."

Eric: "Well, actually, I didn't exactly have much of a choice either.

Desirae: "Sounds like a good story."

Eric: "Uh, well, not really. More like a cliche really."

Desirae: "Everyone likes a good cliche now and again."

So, I told her my story. All of it, right from my senior year playing the field in high school, all the way to losing my chance at a professional footballer because of some stupid girl. To my surprise, her face fell serious, and then she proceeded to tell me all about her story. Apparently, she had been dating the same guy since high school, they even got engaged. But, right before her 20th birthday, he broke up with her.

Desirae: "He said that both me and the town were holding him back. That he didn't want to spend the rest of his life with a simple girl, in a simple town. I was so furious, I swore I'd track him down and make sure to it he could never bring little mini assholes like him into the world! It wasn't until after he left that I found out he had really just wanted to hookup with some blonde bimbo with big tits. Apparently, they're engaged now too. Of course, that only made me want to rip him apart even more, but that was nearly a year ago now and I just want to move on."

I couldn't help but feel excited that on my first day here I had not only met a gorgeous girl, but one I could relate to so well. We had both been hurt by someone we trusted, in almost exactly the same way. I couldn't say that this was a date, and I wasn't sure I wanted it to be but I did think we were on our way to a friendship, at least.

Eric: "It was his loss. He has to be blind and stupid to leave a gorgeous girl like you." I winked.

Desirae: "You know, there is more to me than how I look? Although this outfit is hardly accounting for that." She laughed, and I laughed with her.

Eric: "Hey, don't knock the outfit! I think it's great!"

She blushed slightly, and we continued to chat for a while. It was easy talking to her as we had already let the walls down. We both bore our hearts and showed we were hurt, and it took the pressure off right away. It was nice being able to just talk and flirt a little.

Before I knew it, it was going on midnight and although I didn't work tomorrow, I was exhausted from my trip over. I couldn't just leave though, there was one thing I had to do.

Eric: "I know we just met and all, but I was hoping you'd give me a chance to get to know you better, would you mind giving me your number?"

Desirae: "I was hoping you'd ask." She smiled.

I put her number in my phone and sent her a quick text to make sure it went to her. I had played this game before, and I knew to make sure she gave me the right number. Thankfully, she had. But like the loser I had become all of a sudden, I kissed my screen as I sent her the text. Yeah, I did that. I'm surprised she didn't just turn and walk away. Surprisingly, she did the same and laughed at me before we parted ways. I went home and immediately crawled into my tent, thinking of that beautiful brunette and the way she brought my defenses down so quickly. I think I might be losing my game, or maybe its just her.


Okay and that's it for first chapter! Just wanted to make a point and say I did NOT name Desirae lol I was so shocked when I saw her because we all know my name is not very common, especially in a game, but it was pretty cool. However, she in no was resembles me in appearance or personality (other than the brown hair, brown eyes thing). Neither Eric nor I know where this girl is taking us, but I am pretty excited to see if its genuine or just another girl out to break our poor founder's heart!


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