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It's a Brantley Thing - 1.2

Hey guys! Welcome back to another update of It's a Brantley Thing!

Warning: Some cussing

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The next few days were torture. I kept in touch with both Zoe and Desirae, but deep down I knew I had to figure out what the hell I was doing. I never want to be that guy again, the one who plays the girls and uses them for fun. I never wanted to be that guy to begin with, but it was always too easy. The same thing seemed to be happening now, and the last thing I wanted to do was cause one of these girls the same pain I felt when I found out about Elena. The gym is my favourite place to go. I can work out, clear my head and not think so much about those two pretty brunettes who have already turned my life upside down.

The best part of the gym though is the showers. Don't get me wrong, the one I have isn't the worst - well actually it is. But, it's better than nothing. The showers here sure as hell beat the camping one I have back home, though. Not to mention that I don't have random people walking by wondering what the hell a guy is doing showering in the open. Privacy is definitely something you take for granted until you lose it.

Just ast I'm about to leave, my phone buzzes in my pocket. It's Zoe and she wants to take me out on a date! I have to give this girl credit, I thought Desirae was the more confident one, but so far, Zoe has definitely taken initiative and I dig it. I text her back saying that I will meet her there. I've spent enough time avoiding these girls and if I am ever going to find out who I would actually like to pursue, I may as well get to know them both equally, right? Shit, I'm stupid!

Zoe: "Hey there McFly! Long time no see! How have things been going?

She is gorgeous, that's for damn sure.

Eric: "Hey Gorgeous! Things are good. I even got a promotion at work! You're looking at the team's new mascot!

Like that's such a huge improvement...

Zoe: "Hey! That's awesome! Climbing your way up already, way to go McFly!"

She pulls me into a hug and smiles big. The smell of her perfume and her body so close to mine drives me wild. This town definitely has some beautiful, intoxicating women.

Eric: "Thanks, Zoe! Means a lot to have some support here..."

Maybe it was the smell of her perfume, or the fact that she had the guts to not only ask me out, but to initiate the conversation to begin with when we first met. It probably had something to do with those big eyes of hers, and that tiny little dress she wears, but regardless of the reasons I was consumed the second she hugged me. Before she could pull away, I went in for the kiss.

Zoe "Wow. Uh, eager?"

Ah shit. Again, Eric? Why do you always have to rush things!?

Eric: "Shit. Sorry. I don't know what came over me. You just smelled so good, and it felt really good being held like that..."

You're rambling, Eric. Shut the hell up!

Zoe: "Hey, I wasn't really complaining. You just caught me off guard is all. Why don't we take this inside, get a drink, or two?"

She smiles at me and the way her eyes light up when she does tells me everything I need to know. This girl definitely knows how to make me agree to just about anything. I could be in trouble with this one.

We don't do much talking after we get our drinks. She leads me to a secluded part of the bar, puts down the drink tray (with way too many drinks on it) and immediately takes my hand and guides me next to her. I can't deny the physical connection between us. Just her shoulder against mine sparks something in me that is impossible to ignore. I felt it at the party the other night too. She's got a hold on me I can't quite explain. We sit in silence for what seems like forever, and then before I can say anything, she kisses me again. Things get pretty heated and neither one of us has had a single drop of alcohol yet. Not to mention, we've hardly spoke, but in this moment, I don't care.

Zoe: "Now it's my turn to apologize."

She looks down. Her cheeks are flushed from our little makeout session and she bites down on her lip, clearly stopping herself from saying anything else. She thinks that I didn't enjoy it?

Eric: "And now it's my turn to tell you that I am definitely not complaining! You're a beautiful girl, Zoe. I consider myself lucky that I got the chance to even chat with you, let alone kiss you.

Yeah, I'm cheesy as hell, but ironically, that's what works best with women. Make it cheesy, but keep it real, and they pretty much melt. Most of them, anyway.

She laughs and her eyes meet mine. I almost kiss her again, but she puts her hand up.

Zoe: "Alright, McFly. What do you say we slow it down and enjoy a drink before we get back into that, huh?

I smirk and nod. She hands me a drink.

For the next little while, we actually get to chat. Well, really I do most of the talking. She listens - which is nice, but I do want to know a little more about her too.

Eric: "Alright, Miss Patel. I've basically chatted your ear off, and you've hardly said anything. So, it's my turn to ask some questions.

Zoe: "Am I being interviewed for something?"

That is almost too real for me to handle. Kind of, yeah, but I would never tell her that! Instead, I just smile.

Eric: "So, have you always lived in Oasis Springs?"

Zoe: "I actually live in Willow Creek. I just come here a lot."

She tells me that she lives with some friends of hers - all guys. It doesn't sit right with me, to be honest. A beautiful, single girl living with some single guys. Why? She tells me that they've known each other for years, that they grew up together and that they are quite close. So, when they all decided to move out of their parents' places they thought it would make sense to split the costs and get a decent place all together. It makes sense, but it still bothers me. I fidget a little in my seat, take some more of my drink and decide I need to change the subject before the night is ruined by thoughts of her sleeping with her roomates kill the night.

Calm down, Eric. Not every girl is a slut just because Elena is.

Zoe: "Are you alright? You seem a little ... off."

By this point, the booze was settling in. I noticed that she wasn't drinking as much, but didn't stop to rationalize it.

Eric: "Y-yeah! Never better! What do you say we get up and have some fun? A little dancing, maybe a little more kissing?"

She laughs.

Zoe: "Alright, McFly. Why don't you finish that drink first?"

Eric: "Cheers! To a great night with a beautiful lady!"

The rest of the night became a bit of a blur. We dance a lot as the DJ plays, the bar is basically empty so we take full advantage. Or I do. My hands are all of her, my lips too. I can hardly get enough and what's more? Neither can she.

A few more days pass and I can't get that date out of my head. She got me drunk, twice, even after I tried to stay away from it completely. There was definitely a connection between us seeing as though we could hardly keep our hands off each other. She was intoxicating, but I was beginning to wonder if it was a good, or bad thing. Today is like any other day, except that it's my day off. I wake up, and after eating, it was time to get out some of the stress I've been feeling.

You fucked up, Eric. Again. You kissed two girls, two innocent, beautiful girls who both think you're into them, and you are! What the hell are you going to do about it?

I know that I have to make a decision. I can't keep playing them, making them think that I am only into them, when there is another. But, it was hard. Who do you choose? They are both incredibly sexy, smart, beautiful women.

Zoe had an amazing figure, and an amazing way with her words. Her southern accent got me tangled in every word. She could say just about anything and all I could think about is ripping her clothes off. But, was there anything more to her?

Desirae was beautiful, smart and wanted exactly what I did - a soulmate. She could hold a conversation, and wrap me into every word. Sure I thought about getting her naked too, but more often than that, I found myself just admiring her. The way she talked, the way she smelled, even the way she walked had me fixated. In the week or so that passed, I had been avoiding her, knowing that if she found out I had kissed Zoe, it would kill her. It was just a kiss, and she and I weren't official, but the thought of her finding out and not wanting to see me again, terrified me.

There you go, Eric. There's your answer. It's her you want. Now, I just have to get her alone.

Eric: "So, how have things been? I'm sorry I have been MIA, it's just been hectic with work, and ... well, it's just been busy."

You're going to have to tell her, Eric. Don't be a cheating and a lying asshole. Then again, we weren't official, right?

Desirae: "It's been good! Quiet without you around. I have to admit, I thought maybe you changed your mind about me."

She smiled, but as she did she closed her eyes. I could tell that this idea of me changing my mind about her hurt her as much as it would hurt me to walk away from her. I couldn't take it, I wouldn't let her think that!

Eric: "Not even for a second! Look, Des, I'm so sorry! I know what your ex put you through, and I made you think the same thing. I promise, I won't ever do that again."

I pull her into a tight hug. Her body next to mine feels amazing - and not in a sexual way (well, a little bit) but in a way that just felt right! I hear her take a deep breath, the relief she is feeling becomes clear. I had already been hurting this girl, and I had no idea!

You dumb, fuck! You promised yourself you wouldn't ever do this to another girl, and here you are basically breaking the heart of this amazing, perfect woman!

I know I have to fix it, I know it's her that I want. Not just now, not even just tomorrow. I have a feeling that she may just be the woman I've been looking for.

Her voice interrupts my thoughts.

Desirae: "That's a big promise to make, Eric. Are you sure you want to make that commitment?"

I laugh, she has no idea just how much I do!

Eric: "Des, let's be real here. You've basically become my best friend since moving here. Even when I was being a dick, you still texted me every day just to see how things were. You supported me, without even realizing how much it meant to me. I've never been so sure in my entire life that I wanted to make any kind of commitment. I know we've only just met, and I know there's a lot more to learn, on both our parts, but I would hate it if I was ever the reason to make you look that sad again. In fact, I'm not only going to promise never to avoid you like that again, but I'm also going to ask that you be my girlfriend. Make this thing official with me, and I swear to never leave your side."

Desirae: "So you were avoiding me?"

Was that all she heard? Of course. Shit. Did I just screw up? Then she smiles, and playfully smacks my arm.

Desirae: "Relax, tough guy! Of course, I'll be your girlfriend! But, only if you keep your promise!"

Just as I am about to say something, she takes my face into her hands and pulls me in for a kiss. One that felt so soft, so perfect. Something I know I have been missing my whole life. My head is spinning, and yet, all I can think about is how much I want to pick her up and never let her go. She pulls away, just far enough that our lips aren't touching anymore. I'm dazed, I can hardly focus with her face still slow close to mine, but I'm snapped back when she speaks.

Desirae: "There's something about you, Eric. I don't know what it is just yet, but I do know that those few weeks without seeing you, they were torture. I think I'm in trouble when it comes to you."

Eric: "Ditto, babe."

Being the newest,cheesiest couple in town, we take a selfie to commemorate the day that I managed to get this beautiful woman to stoop to my level and become my girlfriend. How? I have no clue. I know I don't deserve it, but I'm going to make sure that every day from here on out is a step closer to deserving her in my life. Somehow.

Eric: "Uh hey, Zoe! How are things?"

Zoe called. It's been a few days since Desirae and I became official. I know I had to tell Zoe, and officially end whatever it was that was between us but I honestly dreaded being the source of anyone's pain. So when she called, I was caught off guard. I try and sound cheery, but deep down, my insides feel like they're about to leave my body.

Zoe: "Eric..."

I don't hear what she says next. I'm too fixated on the fact that she used my real name. She never does. This can't be good. Does she know? But how?

Zoe: "Did you hear what I just said, Eric?"

Eric: "Uh, no. Sorry, I must have zoned out."

She sighs.

Zoe: "I'm only going to say this once more. I heard about you and Desirae..."

I gasp and choke on my voice. Think idiot, what do you say?!

Zoe: "Don't sound so surprised. Small town, remember? Look, I'm going to be honest. It sucked hearing it from someone else. Like majorly sucked. But, I'm happy for you, Eric. I knew there was something there when I saw the way you two talked in the gym, I just hoped that ... never mind. Anyways, don't call me, or text me anymore. Your secrets safe with me, by the way. She won't know unless you tell her, though to be honest, she may already know. Anyways, good bye, McFly."

With that she hung up. I can't tell if she was upset, angry or just annoyed. Jealous even? I don't know. Either way, at least she knew now, and that part of it was out of the way.

She was right though, for all I knew, Desirae could already know about Zoe and I. But then, why would she agree to being my girlfriend if she knew that? Maybe she felt the same way Zoe did? We weren't official, right?

Keep telling yourself that, Eric! It doesn't make you any less of a dick.

My carpool is here. Time for work.

After work, I try and take out my stress on my punching bag, like always. I feel terrible about how Zoe found out, and even more terrible that I may have hurt her. I tried all day to shake the feeling, get over it. What's done is done! Even now, punching the shit out of this stupid bag is doing nothing. I am the biggest asshole there is! I needed to fix this, somehow.

I know she said not to text or call her, but I needed to at least apologize. It was eating me alive that I didn't even get the chance to say that I was sorry, that it was never what I intended to happen. So, I text her. She doesn't respond, but at least I know it was said. Then, I remind myself that there's still Des, and that I better tell her before she finds out from someone else too. If it wasn't too late to do that already.

The only good think that came out of today was that I finally got to build some walls and trade in my tent for a real bed. Progress. At least my life wasn't a complete mess, right?


Well, that's it for this chapter! Poor Eric has really made a mess for himself! He's lucky Desirae agreed to dating his sorry butt! Hopefully, things work out for those two, I'm rather fond of them now. <3

As always, thanks for reading, and please do let me know what you think!


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